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August 24, 2011
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Euryale - marilith demon by PortBaron Euryale - marilith demon by PortBaron
Commission by rebornedphoenix [link] .

A big colored version of Euryale, an ancient marilith demon contracted to Praetorius, my summoner character in our current 3.5e DnD campaign after extensive research and a fortuitous lead.
Considering the chaotic and mutable nature of her home in the Abyss, it would perhaps be redundant to say she is not like most others of her kind. Still, she has no particular interest in advancing the abstract cause of 'evil', and would rather travel, test her mettle, and interact with the lesser races. Of course she still has no compunctions about killing, and is nearly impossible to stop once she starts rampaging (even by Praetorius). The fact is she loves tearing apart opponents.

She agreed to work with Praetorius at the promise of adventure and the opportunity to kill a variety of creatures not found in the Abyss. She is also a member of Prismatic Panic, the party music group, where she dances and plays percussion (usually polymorphed to a smaller size). Her garb is ever changing, and she rarely appears wearing the same arrangement of items more than once.

Little is known about her past, even to her. She can only remember the last several hundred years, but knows she has existed for much longer. She suspects that some cataclysmic fall from power befell her in the past, sealing her memories and much of her old power. Besides this gut feeling, there is evidence supporting this; she is larger than the average marilith, and she has a variety of unique abilites relating to shadow magic and lightning. More pictures and info [link] in the gallery.
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Now I would LOVE to have a wallpaper with her on it!
Beautiful and hot
NotAnselAdams Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
She is just sooooo well done.

Like, if I ever use a marilith in our campaign, I will be tempted to simply call this page up on the website and say, "You see that in front of you. She looks mad."

Honestly, I love her. Wish I could join in the campaign. I did some DnD 3.5 myself with my brother and his friends. We never got far though. An RP would last a few hours before we just quit and play Halo or do other stuff. Sometimes we'd continue it but it would be a few weeks later. But I always wanted to do a long term RP. I find them fun because we get a story.
Well we really only get around to playing about every other week, so that's pretty normal. The story is the whole point, it's basically just collaborative storytelling with certain outcomes determined with dice. We usually play a little differently than most groups in terms of feel, and aren't rules Nazis.
Well, I would love to join, though I would assume that we don't even live in the same area. I could do it online, but that's it.
Ya, we don't really do online because it feels too impersonal and misses out on some of the spur of the moment possibilities and personality. We've been playing since the early 90s, so in-person is how we always roll. Just got to find a group of people who want to co-create a story doing whatever you want to try. IMO the best campaigns are the ones where there isn't that PC vs DM feel. In fact, in our games the DM switches between people sometimes and the DM has a PC too. Of course this requires the ability to distance yourself from your character in terms of what you would do.
I've tried to DM, but sometimes I have trouble. But I can really get into my character. I had made a character sheet using an online generator just to help make sure I got the facts and stuff right. If only I could be there in person. My character happens to be someone who is terrible socially, but is very intuitive when it comes to puzzles and questions. He loves to solve them, and the more complex they are, the more secretive, the more he likes them. I would say that if you have ever seen Big Bang Theory, my character is Sheldon Cooper lite, which ironically I am like as well.
DrOfDemonology Aug 25, 2011  Professional Writer
This is a totally fantastic illustration of a marilith. You really captured her beauty and demonic deadliness :D
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