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The Mazarot Wheel by PortBaron The Mazarot Wheel by PortBaron
This is the bounded dodecagram that represents the twelve Mazarot (also called Zodiacs) I was asked to post. It was made as a side project for a DnD campaign setting and draws from ancient Hebrew astrology, particularly names and affinities. Each sign was personified as a unique immortal creature called a Mazarot that presides over a constellar house of stars. Information on one that has appeared in our campaign so far can be found here [link] . This is a copy of the flavor text:

- All of the stars that shine above the mortal coil and the heavenly planes, except the suns of prime material worlds, belong to the realm of the Stellar Beyond. This remote, yet ever-present expanse is the abode of distant, inscrutable stellar powers and the seat of the constellar houses. Like a pseudo-transitive plane, the Stellar Beyond overlays the prime material plane and the upper celestial planes simultaneously, though it is not so easily reached.

The stars are ruled by the Stellar Patrons, thirteen beings that oversee the movement and arrangement of celestial bodies, and provide the power behind astrological magic and divinations. They are also called Patron Stars, and their domains are marked by the brightest stars of the twelve constellations of the zodiac (the exception being Polaris, who no longer claims a constellation). They have never acted directly in the Prime, and remain remote even from the outer planes. Their proxies are the twelve Mazarot the top representatives of the twelve constellar houses.

The Mazarot
The twelve Mazarot (also called Zodiacs) serve as living links between the planes and the Stellar Beyond, channels through which the magic of their Stellar Patron can flow. They wander freely wherever their constellations shine and pursue indiscernible agendas, if they have agendas at all.

Each Mazarot was created or granted their position by one of the Patron Stars, and each patron has only one Mazarot. Mazarot are the figureheads and namesakes of the twelve great astrological constellations, and consequently the constellar houses, and are themselves immortal in the common sense. Unlike their Patron Stars, which all claim neutrality, Mazarot may be of any alignment and form so long as the great balance of the astrological wheel is maintained. As with most of the designs of the Patrons, the reasons for choosing Mazarot of all alignments is a mystery.

The Mazarot each have a title which begins with 'Mazal' (singular of Mazarot) followed by the name of their constellation/constellar house. Each also has an personal name. They are a varied lot, and can take all manner of shapes. Typically the constellations resemble them in some way, but each Mazarot has a second informal title, or 'moniker', that describes them. For example, the full title and name of the head of the constellar house Taleh is Mazal'Taleh Arath the Scarlet Ram.

Like the astrological signs they embody, the Mazarot have affinities for certain seasons, hours, directions, categories of questions, etc. The four principal Mazarot also have precedence over one of the solstices or equinoxes, and are sometimes called Seated Mazarot.

Not all of the current Mazarot have held their post from the beginning. Before the Zodiac Schism there were fifteen constellar houses and Patron Stars, but afterward only twelve remained. The instigator of the war was actually the greatest of the Patron Stars, Rasalhague, who desired to reset the stars in a configuration more pleasing to him, as he had in the beginning. He tricked a number of other Patrons and Mazarot into turning on each other, resulting in the death of the Stellar Patron Diphda, the self-imposed exile of Polaris, and the deaths of many Mazarot. In the end his scheming was revealed by Diphda's dying act, and the other Stellar Patrons united against him and cast him out of the Stellar Beyond for eternity, along with his Mazarot and the other traitors. Now only 3 of the original Mazarot remain, and many other signs have gone through several incarnations.

Constellar Houses
The twelve constellar houses are named after their Mazarot's constellation. Each house consists of numerous stars and lesser constellations, and their courtiers consist largely of stellar spirits and chosen ascended creatures. Much of their duties include the maintenance of the celestial bodies, ministering to the Patron Stars, and setting the signs for astrological divinations. It is actually rare for Mazarot themselves to be present in the Stellar Beyond, as they spend most of their time traveling the planes beneath their constellations.

Attributes of the Dodecagram
The four interlocking triangles that form the Mazarot Wheel denote triads of Mazarot with affinities for the same season. The sign at the cardinal point of each triangle is the principal Seated Mazarot of the triad, and is considered to have seniority (Mazarot in a triad are not necessarily allies, and may even be bitter enemies). The alignments of Mazarot within each triad balance to neutral across the good/evil and law/chaos axes, as do the the four Seated Mazarot themselves. Thus the entire wheel has no net alignment. In addition, alignment, cardinal direction, time of day, and seasonal affinity are diametrically opposed for Mazarot opposite each other on the Wheel.
The innermost ring denotes alignment, the next breaks up the wheel into halves with affinities for law/chaos, the next with respect to good and evil, and the next denotes cardinal directions. The outermost ring shows the Mazarots' affinities for times of the day - dawn, midday, dusk, or midnight.

The Mazarot are as follows, starting from the top and going clockwise:

1.Mazal'Taleh Arath, the Scarlet Ram (Vernal Equinox)
6.Mazal'Betulah Beyma, the Unfettered Maiden
9.Mazal'Kasshat Ianthe, the Starlight Arrow
10.Mazal'Gedi Capricos*, the Jubilant Beast (Winter Solstice)
2.Mazal'Shor Mennas, the Ivory Bull
5.Mazal'Ari Leod*, the Black Lion
7.Mazal'Moznayim Libran, the Burnished Scales (Autumnal Equinox)
12.Mazal'Dagim Caelor, the Dark Waves
3.Mazal'Teomim Haem, the Twofold Wanderer
4.Mazal'Sarton Karkinos*, the Clawed King (Summer Solstice)
8.Mazal'Akrab Scorpios, the Lingering Sting
11.Mazal'Dli Qelar, the Flowing Pitcher

*Original first generation Mazarot
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